Selling a Central Florida Retail or Hospitality Business is not like selling any other type of business out there. With half of your staff part-time, minimum wage and or tipped employees, you can't take the chance of letting anyone know you are ever thinking about selling. When word gets out that you are selling, most if not all of your best and most dependable employees start looking for new jobs. Only a rare few remain your best or dependable employees. You can't really blame them. They feel abandoned and unimportant to you and it's a common assumption that the new owners are going to "replace them anyway". So the bottom line is to let as few people as possible know your business is for sale. With the proliferation of social media, nothing stays secret for very long, especially if your business is listed anywhere on the internet. Take a second and google your business, the information whether good, bad or even true is out there. Disgruntled employees can really hurt you. 

   You defiantly do not want to list your business with a brokerage required to place all listings on the MLS. All residential real-estate brokerages that are a part of the MLS are required to post your listing. When you sell a house, yes, you want MLS exposure but not when you are selling a retail or hospitality industry business. Most business brokers will advertise your business on the internet with so much detail anyone reading the listing can figure out who you are. The pitfalls for letting an unlicensed person sell your business are so great, that only the very naïve business owner would ever cross that bridge. 

   We are a brokerage that specializes in the Retail and Hospitality Industry and only represents qualified active buyers. If your business is for sale please give us a call and we will have an agent come out to talk with you about what you have to offer. We don’t require a listing agreement nor do we want one. All your information will be held confidential and we will have any and all prospective buyers sign confidentiality agreements. We require our agents to have a sit-down face to face meeting with any potential buyer, get a signed non-disclosure agreement before they are allowed to disseminate any sales information on your business to the buyer. We also put together an in-depth sales portfolio on your business and set all appointments to view the business after hours. Our team of licensed sales agents knows and understands the Retail and Hospitality Industry thus making them the right choice to sell your hospitality business.

   If your business is already listed with another broker, Please either contact us with your brokers information or have your broker give us a call today and let’s get started selling your business.

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