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State of Florida Liquor License Services:
   Buying a Florida liquor license can be a very stressful endeavor when not using an experienced real estate brokerage firm. McGinnty's Business Brokers Group has over 35 years of experience buying, selling and providing financing on Florida liquor licenses. Here are a few things you need to know when you are purchasing a Florida Quota Style Liquor License:

   Quota Style Liquor Licenses are the only licenses that have any market value over and above the yearly renewal fees. These licenses are issued by the State of Florida by lottery only and at a rate of one license per every 5,000 legal residents in a county. If your county has a population of 100,000 residents, there will be up to 20 quota style licenses issued to your county. The State will not issue any new licenses in a county unless the population grows by 5,000 new residents. The only way for you to buy a quota style liquor license is from someone who already owns an active or inactive license. Active licenses are already placed in a restaurant, bar or liquor store and in most cases you will have to purchase the entire business to purchase the license. In-active licenses are placed in escrow for whatever reason and can be purchased without purchasing the entire business. In-active quota style license availability varies per county and just because a license is in escrow or in-active does not always mean it is available for sale. Quota Liquor License values are solely based on supply and demand. Most sellers have "open listings" on their licenses. This means 10+ different brokers have access to the same license as well as the general public. The internet has made the values of Florida Quota Style Liquor Licenses very volatile. The first thing almost all buyers do is run a google search and contact a number of "sellers" or "seller reps" for a license in a specific county. This causes an increased perceived demand for the license thus causing an increase in the sale price. This is why when you contact someone to purchase a license you will never get the exact price and if you do the license suddenly becomes unavailable. Sellers want to get the most money possible for their licenses and they use inexperienced buyers to help them raise the price. If you are a buyer of a quota style liquor license and want to save yourself a lot of money, pick one Florida Licensed Real-estate Broker and only one broker and let them do the work for you. Sellers of these licenses do not need a Florida Real-estate license to sell Florida Quota Style Liquor Licenses thus there are neither regulations nor buyer protections in place to protect you. The term Buyer Beware is not a joke and one should be very careful. There are no set prices for quota style liquor licenses and anyone licensed or unlicensed can sell them for others.
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Florida Liquor Licenses

Florida Liquor License Paperwork

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Other Paperwork Preparation and Filing Services

   We can handle the following Government paperwork preparation and filings so that it gets processed correctly the first time without any costly delays to you and your business.


* Zoning assistance
* Department of Revenue Application filing
* County Health Plan Review
* City & County Tax License Application Filing
* DBPR-AB&T License Application Filing
* DBPR-Hotels & Restaurants Plan Review
* DBPR-Hotels & Restaurants License Application Filing

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