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Tenant Lease Negotiation and Modifications

   The most valuable and most commonly over looked asset in a business purchase or sale is the lease agreement and the benefits it may provide to the success or failure of a business. When a commercial business lease is negotiated correctly, long term and pro-tenant, it can be the most attractive selling point of all. A poorly negotiated lease can have a negative effect on a purchase or sale and in most cases becomes the deal breaker. Almost all new business owners at the time they negotiate their first commercial lease are more focused on the future success and excitement of owning their new business venture and they just accept whatever lease the landlords leasing agent provides them. Most new business owners are not thinking long term about the effects the terms and conditions contained in their commercial lease will have on the value of their business in the event of a sale. When you hire McGinnty's Business Broker Group, we make this our number one priority when procuring commercial space for your business.

   The landlord knows to hire a Real-estate professional as their leasing agent, why wouldn't you do the same? How often does a business owner negotiate a commercial lease in their lifetime? In most cases a business owner negotiates his or her commercial lease once or twice in their lifetime. Most business owners don't negotiate leases for a living; Our Commercial leasing Agents negotiate commercial leases for a living every single day. It's your business and you're the most experienced person doing your job and your success depends on it. Unless your job is negotiating commercial leases, you should hire a competent business brokerage to negotiate your lease. We are that Brokerage. When you are represented by a Licensed Real-estate Broker in almost all cases the landlord pays your brokers' commission. Most landlords already have it setup with their leasing agent who is also a licensed real-estate broker working for the landlord to pay real estate commission on their properties. Basically the two brokers split the commission. When you are not represented by a licensed Real-estate Broker the landlords' agent receives the total commission.

Tenant Resume Preparation

   We can help you prepare your resume for the best impression of you to your perspective landlord. We have found when dealing with landlords, a poorly prepared resume makes the perspective tenant less appealing and not likely to get a long term lease with lease terms favorable to the tenant. Your resume is the first impression of you to your future landlord; it needs to be professionally tailored to the business, prospective location and the landlord.

Tenant Business Plan preparation

   We can help you prepare your business plan for perspective landlords and financial institutions. We have found in the past when dealing with landlords, a poorly prepared business plan makes the perspective landlord less likely to provide a long term lease and/or a lease with terms favorable to the tenant.

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